Get your Mind Right!

Get your Mind Right

There is one often overlooked part of success is getting your mind right.  Once you have you have Massive action, your Why, and some serious Sales training down pat; you need to start getting your mind right to perform well.  Massive action is never easy in the beginning, but being able to slice through your tasks quickly is very beneficial.

How do I take care of my mind?

Treat your mind right by reading your body right.  Exercise is key to being more productive.  One thing about exercise though is that it shouldn’t be something that requires your attention.  You shouldn’t need to focus on what exercises to do, or some fancy programming.  Having to constantly come up with new programming is not only time consuming but a serious pain in the ass.

Get a Personal Trainer

I’m sure you’re like…  You must be joking right?  I’m not joking one bit.  I’m dead serious about you getting a personal trainer.  There are a couple key reasons why you should get a trainer aside from the normal health & fitness advantages.

  • They know people (think 6 degrees of separation)
  • You can hash out ideas with them (its great to talk about you, yourself and your business)
  • You don’t need to worry about doing the right things
  • They can come to your house!

I spent a good portion of my time in Brooklyn, NY getting in front of people.  The more people you get in front of, and hit them with your vision – the more people that can say yes.  While hammering through the massive actions of basically cold calling people or called walking as I call it.  I would literally walk into businesses everyday, and badger the receptionist to get in front of the decision maker.

This process was tiring, and by the end of the day I would be totally shot. I needed an edge, and it wasn’t my 4th coffee of the day.  I decided to hire a personal trainer.  His name is Joe Lefkowitz, and the guy was awesome.  Not only did I lose like 15 pounds while getting my energy through the roof, but this guy knew people.  If you’re not motivated after seeing his video than there is something wrong with you.

I soon realized that the only way a business owner could afford to pay a trainer $125 an hour was if they made serious bread.  That’s the kind of guy I want to know.  Over the next two months I got to know his clients really well.  That led to some serious deals that far outweighed the few thousand dollars I spent on getting my ass back in shape!

Sales Training

Sales Training is Key

After working over with the Danbury Tree Pros for a while I learned a ton about selling.  Selling is a true art, and until recently it deception tactics have been employed more than anything.  What comes to mind when you think of selling?  A used car salesman who is super sleazy, and high pressure.

Used Car

I didn’t want to be that guy who hammers on people in that manner.  Being uncomfortable is no problem for me, but I felt bad about selling someone something for the pure sake of selling.

At first it was very hard then my buddy had a sit down with me.  He told me “Listen Javier, I know you’re a hard worker and ready to work hard here, but you need to get comfortable with selling. The way you get comfortable is by believing in yourself, your product and your company.”

That hit me like a ton of bricks.  He was 100% right – I didn’t believe in my ability to sell or my product.  I decided to talk to some business owners who had a great experience.  It was a huge eye opener to see how much getting a tree removed or getting an ugly stump grinding away had an effect on these business owners.

I gained belief in my product; I already had belief in my company so all that was left was believing in myself.  In order to be success in my first business I needed to learn the exact science of selling.

The Sales Process

I quickly found out that Tony was on to something when he had that sit down with me.  He was totally right that I needed to have full belief in myself, my product and my company.  However he greatly mistaken, because it took much more than that.  In fact the sales process is very heavily detailed.

1st Step – Education

I think I could talk about education in depth for a full blog post, but I’ll keep this short for now.  You must be an expert, and the person who you’re talking to much believe that your an expert.  I had someone comment me today while I was selling them on a new product “I love hearing the in & outs of what you do, I want to make sure you’re an expert.”

2nd Step – Listen & Answer Questions

In a belly to belly sale in which you’re right next to the person, and able to interact then its great to leave some questions unanswered during your education process. You also want to ask good questions to your prospect.  Uncover the reason behind what their asking for.  To give you an example I had one of my clients Betty breakdown in the sales process because her husband who passed away recently always wanted to keep the landscape immaculate. Read more “Sales Training”

My First Business

Tree Trimming ExpertsMy first business was an amazing learning experience.  I was taking massive action by immersing myself in books made by the greats.  The greats like Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Dale Carnegie taught me so much about life.  Life was business, and business was life.

I was still learning, researching, but not committing.  The biggest issue I had was the fact that I didn’t fully commit which left me open to being taken advantage of.  Grant often talks about committing now, and figuring it out later.

A good friend of mine saw my constant motivational Facebook updates ranging from “TGIM” to #greatness hashtags.  He called me one day to tell me about a great opportunity.

A Great Opportunity

Tony told me that this opportunity would be one of a lifetime, and that I needed me to make a decision on it before the end of the day.  I didn’t even know what this great opportunity was, but I knew that I needed to get my income up.

I knew that I didn’t want to just work for someone else.  I decided that months ago that I wanted to work for myself.  He offered me a partnership in his Tree Removal Company.  I thought to myself… WOW this is why I’ve been working so hard.  I felt the world finally recognized that I’m ready to go big.

I decided to take him up on his offer and join his Tree Removal Company.  I didn’t know anything about trees at all, but after checking out his website I knew everything I needed to.  I was ready to make real money, and be famous.

I immediately quit my job, and halted my side work.  I didn’t even put my two weeks in; I just walked in, quit, and then walked out.  That’s how you commit!  I burned those bridges to the ground, and loved every minute of it!  The first year I quadrupled my salary from the last job.

The Partnership

I learned two amazing things with my time with Danbury Tree Pros.  There is a serious balance between commitment, and due diligence.


Commitment is key to generating a new found wealth, being able to provide for your family or to just move forward.  Either jump in the pool or get off the side of the pool!  I burned my bridges with my boss, and immediately committed to the partnership.

Due Diligence

Read more “My First Business”

Daily Battle Plan

Battle Plan

The Daily Battle Plan

You’ve got down your WHY which is the whole reason you’re striving towards success.  Whether its for your family’s financial freedom to travel the world for a year with your kids or its to be famous.  You’ve got that part down pat.  If haven’t gotten there yet than take a look at my previous post.

You also hammered down your belief in massive action being the vehicle for success.  You know that you’ll have to break through walls to be successful.  Taking 10X the actions will make your life complete.  You will finally start to live.  Now you’ll have the opportunity to create a better life for your family.

Success is…  You can easily finish that sentence; success is my duty, obligation and I demand it.  Great job!  We’re on our way to getting your mindset right to be able to take on serious success. Read more “Daily Battle Plan”

The Brick Wall

Brick Wall
Keep Pushing

The Brick Wall

Everyone hits a wall, a barrier, or gets caught up in their excuses.  My brother in law Jose hit a huge wall when he started his personal training business.  He was one month in, and he hurt his back training.  He could hardly walk for a few days, and couldn’t train like he wanted to.

Jose knew exactly what I’m about to tell you – its a sign.  It’s a good sign.  If success left clues they would be in the form of huge walls.  You know you’re getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel when you encounter a huge hurdle.  Jose thought it was the world testing him, and he made sure it didn’t stop him.

Success leaves clues in the form of new problems

The Funk

I’ve hit walls myself – many times.  Mine come in the form of a funk.  This “funk” as I call it just makes me lazy.  I find myself waking up from eating $18 worth of candy from CVS while watching some TV show by myself.  It lasts sometimes for hours as I waste the day away.  I feel like complete shit after having wasted so much time in front of the TV.  Not to mention all the crap I decided to shove down my throat.

Tony Robbins does the best job of explaining exactly what the Funk is in his video.

Habits for Success

I’ve watched this video countless amounts of times.  Tony Robbins is spot on when explaining what the funk really is.  Click on the wall at the top of the screen for how I break through my funk or click here if your lazy.  Getting out of your funk its a multi-step process.

My first step when approaching the funk.  I try to think about exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing.  I say to myself “Why are you working so hard” or “what is your obligation”.  I’m working hard because I want to have earn the perfect family/work balance.  I would get up early before my day job to work on my other job.  The reason being is that I wanted to be able to show off those fancy things to my friends and family. Read more “The Brick Wall”

Your WHY

Find your WHY

Your #1 driving force of your success.  As I hinted at in my previous post taking actions, but not reaching success can be attributed to many different things. The biggest attribute of not getting the success you desire is your “why”.

Ever hear about those guys who win the lottery then immediately spend it all.  These idiots wind up totally broke.  The reason this happens is because their is no why behind their need for success.  They are playing the lottery for what?  Hookers, and coke?  If they knew me back in high school I would have supplied them with the coke.

Your why needs to be linked to something powerful.  Why are you reading this?  To better yourself or because your bored.  If it is to better yourself than you ought to ask yourself why you want to better yourself.

Tie your why into your goals

If you need to re-read my post on goal setting it is located here. Start right now by tying your why into your goals.  Find exactly what drives you to be better.  Use that feeling everyday. Read more “Your WHY”



Its about the journey, not the destination

I’m positive that you’ve heard that phrase a million times.  You might even believe that its about the journey instead of the destination.  You’re dead wrong.

Taking the mojo, the heart, the oomph out of what it is to be successful is another excuse in disguise.  People often say this line above to make themselves feel better.  If you’re not getting results from the action you’re taking everyday than you’re doing something wrong.  You could be doing a bunch of things wrong such as:

  • Not taking enough action with persistence to achieve your goals.
  • Investing in others instead of yourself.
  • Looking at success as a choice rather than your obligation.
  • Not having or fully realizing your why

Define Success

This is how the Dictionary at defines Success:
1. The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.
2.  The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3.  A performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honors:
The play was an instant success.

Read more “Success”

Massive Action


What does Massive Action have to do with Organic?  Everything, because Massive Action is organic.  Think about those days when you were growing up.  Remember how OBSESSED you were.

Being obsessed is great for you, because your taking massive action.  Of course if your obsession is selling drugs like I talked about in my early days post than that’s a little different.

My friend growing up Damien was totally obsessed about digging holes.  His parents let him dig, dig, and dig some more.  They gave him all kinds of different presents around this digging obsession that he had.

Sure enough he went into trade school after college, and started his own pool company.  His pool company is now massively successful.  He pushes out pools through Connecticut.  The company is one of the best known companies in the state.

Don’t ruin your kid’s obsession because it could turn into a career later on in life.

Taking Massive Action Every Day

If you’re sitting at your job right now reading this than you’re at the wrong job.  Walk up to your bosses office, and tell him you’re putting in your two weeks.  Go right ahead, get up there and let him know.  I’m serious – do it. Read more “Massive Action”

Coming up Short

Goals – Part 2..   Coming up short

So your worried about your goals being too huge?  Afraid that you’ll quit because of how intimidating they are.  I was once afraid of making these goals huge, but after hammering away night after night, morning after morning at writing these goals down I felt different.


Truly inspired is how I felt.  I came to realize that if I were to come up short on making $100,000 each month with my Appliance Repair company that I would be OK.  Even if I just completed 30% of my goal I’d be in the top 2% of the world.

Think about that for a moment…

If you came up short for your $1,500 a month goal, do you think you’d be OK?  Absolutely not, you’d be poor.  No one wants to work to be in the middle class.  No one wants to work hard to live paycheck to paycheck.  I work hard everyday, from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep.

I love working hard because I have huge goals.


I’m not talking about the porno, but rather taking massive action to those goals.

Any goal can be reached by taking massive action with persistence ~Grant Cardone

The best thing about this whole process is the confidence that you feel.  Confidence is there, always present because you’re so busy taking all this action.  As Grant says “white space in your calendar is the devil” which means that you keep your schedule PACKED. Read more “Coming up Short”

10X’d My Life

Living a 10X Lifestyle

And loving it!  My Doc gave me a copy of Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule.  That book alone changed my life.  To live by the 10X rule is to thank at 10X Levels, and take 10X action.  I started writing my goals on a notepad every morning and every night.  I also bought his audio version of his book, and instead of “enjoying” myself on the way to work I would use my car as a mobile library.

I was getting obsessed about success.  It was all I was thinking about all day. To put 10X thoughts in perspective take a moment and think about your goal.  We’ve been taught for years that goals should be S.M.A.R.T!

  • Specific – Goals shouldn’t be broad, but instead should be specific enough to be able to track easy.  Example: Make $1,500 each month with side jobs instead of make “tons” of money with side jobs.
  • Measurable – You’ll know when its done if you make measurable goals.  This goes right inline with the last point about goals being specific.  Making $1,500 is very measurable where as making “tons” isn’t.
  • Attainable – This should be goals that can actually happen.  Don’t reach too far because you’ll get frustrated, and quit.
  • Realistic – Goals should be totally realistic for the time they can be completed in.  Too high of a goal won’t make you motivated to hit.
  • Timely – Goals should have a time frame for when they should be done.  If they don’t have a time frame then they won’t be completed.  Example:  By June 12th I want to make $1,500 each month.

Smart Goals are Retarded

BAM!  Specific, Measurable are the only two surviving characteristics of goals.  To take your life to new heights and achieve success you must 10X your thoughts & your actions.  To 10X your thoughts you must have HUGE goals.  Grant talks about putting the goals you make in a certain form.  For example here are a few of my goals: Read more “10X’d My Life”