The Economy


The Economy is going D.. D..  DOWN

That’s all my boss would ever talk about.  He’d continually warn us that if we don’t finish the jobs faster that we’d not be able to get another one.  Of course we wouldn’t get paid more for finishing jobs faster.

I still could afford my Acura, and was about to buy a truck.  I was working 55-70 hours each week, and taking other jobs on the side when I could to stay up.  My wife was getting on my nerves about money all the time.  She wanted this, and she wanted that.  She had a education, and a good job.

I was still making more money than her, but she felt like since she went to college that she was worth more.  Only worth more with her was the fact that she was still paying back the student loans from her 4 years of college.  Each one of those years, two of which were spent drinking more than the average frat boy costed her 30,000 each.

It was unbelievable how much money colleges costed.  That fancy piece of paper doesn’t come with a job or a work ethic.


My Boss’s New Car

I can still remember the morning that my boss pulled into work 2 hours late with a brand new Lamborghini.  Not just any Lamborghini, but the Murcielago.  I clearly remember doing a double take whenlamborghini that greedy bastard pulled into the job site in that mint blue sports car.

I wanted to drive my brand new truck into that car.  By brand new – I mean used.  He pulled up slow, rolled down the window and said “Pick up the pace!”

That was about the biggest slap in the face I’ve ever had.  What about this economic crisis we were in?  I mean what the hell!

I went right up to him after lunch.  I should have said it better in hindsight, but I’m almost glad I didn’t.  I said “What the hell happened the economy, our bonuses, our salaries!”

Javier, you’re a hard worker and I give you that.  I pay you well for what you do, but you’re not the boss.  You don’t make the deals happen.  You just work, you just do what your told.

The 2nd Step Backwards

I just took it.  I just took that tongue lashing.

I did nothing after that but keep working.  I longer worked hard, but just worked enough not to get fired.  I sold my fancy “new” truck, and got a book on car mechanics so I could take care of the Acura in order to save a few bucks.

The worst thing about the whole thing was that my wife was proud of me.  She would always tell me that she’s glad I didn’t do something stupid.  She would say she’s happy that he let me keep my job.

I was like a beaten dog, just meandering through life.  Living paycheck to paycheck while going for beers with the guys after work.  Fridays lasted what seemed like forever.  The weekends were always short.  Every Monday was like waking up from a bad hangover.

The 3rd Step Backwards

I can clearly remember that day.  My wife and I were fighting about money all morning.  She said she needed to get her nails done at least once every two weeks.  I didn’t have enough money for that.  I remember storming out of that house that day with two fingers in the air.

I arrived to work late.  My boss was waiting for me there, slowly tapping his watch and shaking his head.  He invited me into his office and told me to have a seat.

Javier.. I expect better than this from you of all people.  I know you have some stuff going on at home, but I’m going to have to let you go.  We’re not getting enough work here, and I can’t have one of my guys showing up to work late all the time.

I pleaded with him to let me keep my job.  After telling him I’d never be late again, and taking my third pay cut he let me keep my job.  I got home to my wife with her nails done, and what was left of my rainy day fund sitting on the dining room table.

The 4th Step Backwards

They say you have to fail to win right?  You’ve got to face adversity to overcome it.  I came home early one night to see my a car in our driveway.  I didn’t recognize the car.  As I opened the front door my wife just started crying.  On the floor crying, pleading that she’d never do it again.

I pushed her away, and ran outside.  I slammed my hands on top of the hood of the car so he couldn’t leave.  I grabbed him, pulled him out the window and slammed him into our front deck.

I’m sorry – she told me she was single.  I didn’t know!  Please don’t hurt me!  I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

Sure enough, being the little bitch that I was I let him go.

Three months went by, my wife and I were back to the grind.  She was getting on my case about money.  I was working hard at my job again, and trying to earn more on the side. I figured that this was life.


Doctor Mike & My 1st Step in the right direction

I was picking up my boss coffee on my way to work one morning.  He liked 2 creams, 2 sugars, and three french cruller donuts.  I made sure to pick him exactly what he wanted every morning.  Of course, I wouldn’t order anything because that two bucks were going to be 60 at the end of the month.

This was the turning point of my life.  I ran into Doctor Mike while picking up my bosses morning snack.  He asked how work was going, and I told him everything.  45 minutes went by, my boss’s coffee was cold, and I had eaten two out of three of his french crullers.  Those french crullers tasted like garbage.

Doctor Mike gave me a book that day, a book that would change my life forever.  Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule.

if YOU don’t believe in YOU enough to invest in YOU then don’t be surprised when others don’t invest in YOU


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