The Wife

The Wife

Following the readings of Grant Cardone who always said “you and your wife need to be on the same page” I decided to sit down and #realtalk with my wife.  I told her that I’m going to work a straight 40 at work while I educate myself, and build a business of my own on the side.  I let her know that we would need to cut back on expenses because I needed extra income invest in myself & my business.

She flipped out!  “After everything I did for you!” she said.  I knew it was about to get really ugly, brutal and end horribly wrong.  My eyes were on the prize, and I didn’t want to waste time fighting convincing her.  I told her my plan one more time then simply said “take it or leave it.”


My Ex-Wife

She was out of the house that night, and headed over to her “boyfriends” house.  The guy that I almost tore to shreds when I found him over the house one night.  If you missed that story then read up on it here.

I thought that’d be an easy switch, but sure enough it took 10X the action needed to deal with that mess.  She wanted this, or she wanted that for her house.  I literally let her have whatever she wanted minus my Acura & the home.

pumpkinShe took basically everything except the upstairs TV, Computer and her mean cat.  I dropped pumpkin over at her house one day after getting my arms scratched to hell.  I basically wrung the doorbell about 20 times, tossed the cat onto the front porch, left the basket of nasty kitty litter in the front yard then hopped back in my ride and left.  I tell you – it was something out of Fast & Furious the way I jumped that fence with pumpkin in hand.


2nd Step Forwards

The wife was on to the next one, and I was pumped up.  I sold everything I could possibly live without in that house.  I even sold the TV to the kid next door for 250 bucks.  I invested that money in more success books, audio tapes, and tools for my first business idea.

I cancelled my Spotify so I could listen to audio tapes on the way to and from work.  My work buddies immediately noticed my attitude was changing.  They said I was working too hard, and that I needed to slow down.  My boss even commented that he liked my new & improved work ethic, and that I might be up for a raise soon.

I didn’t want to fall for that trick again so I told him “sure, sure” like it was no big deal.  I didn’t want him to think I could be baited to bite that hook again.  Spending time working long hours after work till sometimes 1-2 o’clock in the morning was energizing.  I started to realize that I didn’t need all this sleep in the first place.

I noticed a few distinct things when I started “working” for myself:

  1. Working for myself didn’t seem like work
  2. I wanted to get up earlier, go to sleep later just to have more time to get things done
  3. I felt more confident, not that my bank account changed, but that I was taking the steps to change it
  4. I was busy, very busy and often juggling 2-3 different plans at once
  5. I felt alive again

I felt alive again

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