Coming up Short

Goals – Part 2..   Coming up short

So your worried about your goals being too huge?  Afraid that you’ll quit because of how intimidating they are.  I was once afraid of making these goals huge, but after hammering away night after night, morning after morning at writing these goals down I felt different.


Truly inspired is how I felt.  I came to realize that if I were to come up short on making $100,000 each month with my Appliance Repair company that I would be OK.  Even if I just completed 30% of my goal I’d be in the top 2% of the world.

Think about that for a moment…

If you came up short for your $1,500 a month goal, do you think you’d be OK?  Absolutely not, you’d be poor.  No one wants to work to be in the middle class.  No one wants to work hard to live paycheck to paycheck.  I work hard everyday, from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep.

I love working hard because I have huge goals.


I’m not talking about the porno, but rather taking massive action to those goals.

Any goal can be reached by taking massive action with persistence ~Grant Cardone

The best thing about this whole process is the confidence that you feel.  Confidence is there, always present because you’re so busy taking all this action.  As Grant says “white space in your calendar is the devil” which means that you keep your schedule PACKED.

10X actions is what I take everyday.  No longer do I look at success as a choice, but as my ethical duty.  Let me say that again; success is my ethical duty.  Grant talks about effort a lot in his book.  The golden nugget about effort is priceless.


Being rich takes a lot of effort doesn’t it?  What does being rich really take?

  • Massive Action
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Thinking big
  • Going for it
  • Committing to your goals
  • Committing to yourself
  • Being determined

That sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  Getting out of your comfort zone is probably the thing that bothers most people.  The truth is that being poor takes the same level of effort as being rich. Let me say that again!

Being poor takes the same level of effort as being rich

Wait what?  Yes it does, the same level of effort.  It’s harder than you think sitting in front of the computer playing video games for 6-8 hours everyday.  Think about it, how uncomfortable is explaining to your parents that what you’ve been doing with your life?  I bet its pretty uncomfortable saying that you’ve been doing nothing.

Sleeping through your alarm takes the same amount of effort as getting up the first time.  You have to tell yourself, convince yourself, and believe that its OK that your late to work.  Where as, that same effort could be applied to telling yourself you need to get up NOW, convincing yourself that its time to get up and believing that its your duty to be successful.


This blog is all about #realtalk so don’t be a little bitch.  I’m going to be giving it to you straight with no sugar coating.  If you’re still reading by now then you’re clearly here for a reason.  You’re here because you know you’ve been probably taking massive action on something that’s going to get you no where.  You’re here because like me you had big dreams, but never put in the work to accomplish them.

First step – get Grant’s book the 10X rule.  It’ll change your life.

Second step – Keep reading, but get busy getting rich!

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