10X’d My Life

Living a 10X Lifestyle

And loving it!  My Doc gave me a copy of Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule.  That book alone changed my life.  To live by the 10X rule is to thank at 10X Levels, and take 10X action.  I started writing my goals on a notepad every morning and every night.  I also bought his audio version of his book, and instead of “enjoying” myself on the way to work I would use my car as a mobile library.

I was getting obsessed about success.  It was all I was thinking about all day. To put 10X thoughts in perspective take a moment and think about your goal.  We’ve been taught for years that goals should be S.M.A.R.T!

  • Specific – Goals shouldn’t be broad, but instead should be specific enough to be able to track easy.  Example: Make $1,500 each month with side jobs instead of make “tons” of money with side jobs.
  • Measurable – You’ll know when its done if you make measurable goals.  This goes right inline with the last point about goals being specific.  Making $1,500 is very measurable where as making “tons” isn’t.
  • Attainable – This should be goals that can actually happen.  Don’t reach too far because you’ll get frustrated, and quit.
  • Realistic – Goals should be totally realistic for the time they can be completed in.  Too high of a goal won’t make you motivated to hit.
  • Timely – Goals should have a time frame for when they should be done.  If they don’t have a time frame then they won’t be completed.  Example:  By June 12th I want to make $1,500 each month.

Smart Goals are Retarded

BAM!  Specific, Measurable are the only two surviving characteristics of goals.  To take your life to new heights and achieve success you must 10X your thoughts & your actions.  To 10X your thoughts you must have HUGE goals.  Grant talks about putting the goals you make in a certain form.  For example here are a few of my goals:

I am the franchise owner of a chain of 65 Appliance Repair Shops across the country which brings me over $100,000 monthly.

I am able to donate $10,000 each month to help the veterans of war with services.

I have a new wife that loves me, and three beautiful kids whom I am able to spend time with due to the fact that money is no longer something that needs to be argued about.

My brother’s tree company is successful, and produces him $500,000 annually so he is able to stop asking me for money.

Now those are goals, but why are those goals good do you ask?

  1. Each goal is set in the future
  2. Each goal is worded as if it has already been accomplished
  3. Every goal is MASSIVE
  4. Goals are tied to things way past monetary value

What are some of your goals?

I’d love to hear from you in comments about your goals!  Comment away, but make them HUGE!!

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