Massive Action


What does Massive Action have to do with Organic?  Everything, because Massive Action is organic.  Think about those days when you were growing up.  Remember how OBSESSED you were.

Being obsessed is great for you, because your taking massive action.  Of course if your obsession is selling drugs like I talked about in my early days post than that’s a little different.

My friend growing up Damien was totally obsessed about digging holes.  His parents let him dig, dig, and dig some more.  They gave him all kinds of different presents around this digging obsession that he had.

Sure enough he went into trade school after college, and started his own pool company.  His pool company is now massively successful.  He pushes out pools through Connecticut.  The company is one of the best known companies in the state.

Don’t ruin your kid’s obsession because it could turn into a career later on in life.

Taking Massive Action Every Day

If you’re sitting at your job right now reading this than you’re at the wrong job.  Walk up to your bosses office, and tell him you’re putting in your two weeks.  Go right ahead, get up there and let him know.  I’m serious – do it.

If you quit right now, you’ll light such a hot fire under your ass that you’ll be forced to take massive action.  Commitment is a huge part of taking massive action.  A few helpful hints to make sure my action is up to speed are:

  • Writing my goals down morning and night.  Massive goals are the goal goals worth writing down.  If you’ve just got here make sure to check out my post on so called “S.M.A.R.T.” goals located here.
  • Battle Plan every morning.  After you’ve written up your goals make sure you write up your battle plan for the day.  Write down exactly what you need to get done today.  Make it big too, and get it done.
  • Comments – the more the better.  When you’re taking massive action often friends & family will comment that you should “slow down” or “take a break”.  That’s how you know you’re doing something right.
  • You’ll need less of everything.  Success is like a MRI, Steroids, 4 hour energy, and 2 scoops of no-explode.  After a little while of taking massive action you’ll notice you will need less sleep, eating will be looked to as a pain in the ass rather than a break and you won’t be falling asleep at the wheel.
  • New found confidence.  You’ll feel great taking massive action!  You’ll find this new spring in your step.  Even if you’re just getting further, and further into debt by investing in yourself you will feel extreme confidence that you’ll get out of it.  Not just get out of it, but kill it!

I experienced that same debt, and felt more alive in the midst of it than every before. 






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