Your WHY

Find your WHY

Your #1 driving force of your success.  As I hinted at in my previous post taking actions, but not reaching success can be attributed to many different things. The biggest attribute of not getting the success you desire is your “why”.

Ever hear about those guys who win the lottery then immediately spend it all.  These idiots wind up totally broke.  The reason this happens is because their is no why behind their need for success.  They are playing the lottery for what?  Hookers, and coke?  If they knew me back in high school I would have supplied them with the coke.

Your why needs to be linked to something powerful.  Why are you reading this?  To better yourself or because your bored.  If it is to better yourself than you ought to ask yourself why you want to better yourself.

Tie your why into your goals

If you need to re-read my post on goal setting it is located here. Start right now by tying your why into your goals.  Find exactly what drives you to be better.  Use that feeling everyday.

I can vividly remember my grandfather’s funeral.  The whole town was there; I’m talking everybody from the major to the police chief to the girl who worked behind the counter at the ice cream parlor.  My grandfather was famous in town.  Busy people who’s time is serious money took the time to visit his funeral.

My goal is for my success to rival my grandfathers, and have the same level of fame that he had.  This isn’t an easy thing for me to talk about, but that’s how I know I’m digging deep.  To be successful you must dig deep and why your why.

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