Daily Battle Plan

Battle Plan

The Daily Battle Plan

You’ve got down your WHY which is the whole reason you’re striving towards success.  Whether its for your family’s financial freedom to travel the world for a year with your kids or its to be famous.  You’ve got that part down pat.  If haven’t gotten there yet than take a look at my previous post.

You also hammered down your belief in massive action being the vehicle for success.  You know that you’ll have to break through walls to be successful.  Taking 10X the actions will make your life complete.  You will finally start to live.  Now you’ll have the opportunity to create a better life for your family.

Success is…  You can easily finish that sentence; success is my duty, obligation and I demand it.  Great job!  We’re on our way to getting your mindset right to be able to take on serious success.

Now its time to get organized!  Create your Daily Battle Plan for success!  Wake up in the morning at least 2 hours before you actually need to be anywhere.  Take some time to write down your goals in a already completed and huge fashion.  Right after that sit down and crank out a Battle Plan for the day.

My daily Battle Plan for today:

  • Call Jose, and get him booked up with my program
  • Send 50 prospecting emails out
  • Create 2 blog posts
  • Update my facebook page with 5 status updates
  • Send out 5 tweets
  • Check in with 5 of my employees personally
  • Make 5 check in calls to current clients
  • Ask 5 of my current clients for referrals
  • Etc, etc, etc

Sticking to it

I cannot emphasize this enough.  Stick to your plan.  Don’t go to sleep till its done.  I’ve stayed up till 4:00am in the morning finishing the plan that I had set myself up to do.  After staying up all night I got myself 90 minutes of sleep before my day begun.  That day I added more to my Battle Plan instead of less.

I was running on the fumes of success baby!  I don’t even need to sleep 8-9 hours anymore.  I’m good with 6-7, and I love having the extra time to work on my business.

You’ve got to commit to your plan.  Take a look at the video on “Funk” by Tony Robbins in one of my previous posts located here if you have trouble committing.  The video may not be about committing, but its about habits.  You need to create habits that will better your bank account.

You’re habit needs be sticking to your Battle Plan.  Every day, until you can stuff that Battle Plan so full of different things to do that people are telling you to calm down!  You want to get some haters man.  People were hating on me hard for selling drugs in the bathroom in High School.  One of those haters was probably the one that got me arrested.  As long as your massive action isn’t something illegal than you’re set!

I cannot emphasize this enough.  Stick to your Battle Plan like it was sent from God or whatever you believe in.

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