The Brick Wall

Brick Wall
Keep Pushing

The Brick Wall

Everyone hits a wall, a barrier, or gets caught up in their excuses.  My brother in law Jose hit a huge wall when he started his personal training business.  He was one month in, and he hurt his back training.  He could hardly walk for a few days, and couldn’t train like he wanted to.

Jose knew exactly what I’m about to tell you – its a sign.  It’s a good sign.  If success left clues they would be in the form of huge walls.  You know you’re getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel when you encounter a huge hurdle.  Jose thought it was the world testing him, and he made sure it didn’t stop him.

Success leaves clues in the form of new problems

The Funk

I’ve hit walls myself – many times.  Mine come in the form of a funk.  This “funk” as I call it just makes me lazy.  I find myself waking up from eating $18 worth of candy from CVS while watching some TV show by myself.  It lasts sometimes for hours as I waste the day away.  I feel like complete shit after having wasted so much time in front of the TV.  Not to mention all the crap I decided to shove down my throat.

Tony Robbins does the best job of explaining exactly what the Funk is in his video.

Habits for Success

I’ve watched this video countless amounts of times.  Tony Robbins is spot on when explaining what the funk really is.  Click on the wall at the top of the screen for how I break through my funk or click here if your lazy.  Getting out of your funk its a multi-step process.

My first step when approaching the funk.  I try to think about exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing.  I say to myself “Why are you working so hard” or “what is your obligation”.  I’m working hard because I want to have earn the perfect family/work balance.  I would get up early before my day job to work on my other job.  The reason being is that I wanted to be able to show off those fancy things to my friends and family.

You might view driving around in my Lambo as selfish, but I view it as an accomplishment.  I also work so damn hard so that I’m able to donate money to youth organizations.  Youth are the future of our world, and they are growing up in an extremely difficult time.  People dedicate their lives to working with Youth.  I take my responsibility to donate to the greater good of this earth seriously.

My second step is to remember that this is just a bad habit.  Like Tony Robbins says, the only reason that this is happening to me in the first place is that I’m letting it happen to me.  I always remember this quote:

Nothing happens to you, it happens BECAUSE of you

Be strong willed and face the fact that everything that happens to you isn’t circumstantial.  It’s not some roll of the dice.  The reason things happen to you is because you make them.  Regardless if you know it or not, accept it or not, that is the hard truth.

One easy way to think about it is the road rage.  I always thought to myself…  “How on earth is that I always have the slowest person in front of me?”  The reason that slow person is in front of me is my fault.

Top reasons why someone else going slow is MY Fault:

  • I’m late for work because I planned improperly.
  • I’m not using the time in the car to benefit me; I could turn my car into a library filled with books that could better my situation.
  • I don’t have a fast enough car to pass them like I’m their sitting still.

The bottom line is that to be successful you must accept responsibility for everything.



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