My First Business

Tree Trimming ExpertsMy first business was an amazing learning experience.  I was taking massive action by immersing myself in books made by the greats.  The greats like Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Dale Carnegie taught me so much about life.  Life was business, and business was life.

I was still learning, researching, but not committing.  The biggest issue I had was the fact that I didn’t fully commit which left me open to being taken advantage of.  Grant often talks about committing now, and figuring it out later.

A good friend of mine saw my constant motivational Facebook updates ranging from “TGIM” to #greatness hashtags.  He called me one day to tell me about a great opportunity.

A Great Opportunity

Tony told me that this opportunity would be one of a lifetime, and that I needed me to make a decision on it before the end of the day.  I didn’t even know what this great opportunity was, but I knew that I needed to get my income up.

I knew that I didn’t want to just work for someone else.  I decided that months ago that I wanted to work for myself.  He offered me a partnership in his Tree Removal Company.  I thought to myself… WOW this is why I’ve been working so hard.  I felt the world finally recognized that I’m ready to go big.

I decided to take him up on his offer and join his Tree Removal Company.  I didn’t know anything about trees at all, but after checking out his website I knew everything I needed to.  I was ready to make real money, and be famous.

I immediately quit my job, and halted my side work.  I didn’t even put my two weeks in; I just walked in, quit, and then walked out.  That’s how you commit!  I burned those bridges to the ground, and loved every minute of it!  The first year I quadrupled my salary from the last job.

The Partnership

I learned two amazing things with my time with Danbury Tree Pros.  There is a serious balance between commitment, and due diligence.


Commitment is key to generating a new found wealth, being able to provide for your family or to just move forward.  Either jump in the pool or get off the side of the pool!  I burned my bridges with my boss, and immediately committed to the partnership.

Due Diligence

Doing your homework goes hand in hand with commitment.  It’s almost like a balancing act figuring out how to commit, but still being skeptical.  In this case I should have been more skeptical.  Although I had quadruped my income in one year, my “partner” was taking all the credit.  He was getting all the fame.  I wanted to be famous.

No regrets

I learned a ton during my time as a “partner” with the tree service.  I learned how to sell basically everything.  I was soon a master at the art of selling.  I used all of Grant’s principles, and even learned a new set of rules to follow.  It was a great experience.

Sell or Be Sold

I was sold by my good friend on being his business partner.  He knew that I had created a new life for myself recently, and was looking for big changes.  He immediately new how to frame his offer around my needs.  I was sold on the fact that I was no longer an employee.

Months later I learned that I was actually a employee rather than a partner.  I learned from it, and used the same process later in life to sell my employees on my business model.  I went back to the drawing board, and invested my new found income into my side business.

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