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Sales Training is Key

After working over with the Danbury Tree Pros for a while I learned a ton about selling.  Selling is a true art, and until recently it deception tactics have been employed more than anything.  What comes to mind when you think of selling?  A used car salesman who is super sleazy, and high pressure.

Used Car

I didn’t want to be that guy who hammers on people in that manner.  Being uncomfortable is no problem for me, but I felt bad about selling someone something for the pure sake of selling.

At first it was very hard then my buddy had a sit down with me.  He told me “Listen Javier, I know you’re a hard worker and ready to work hard here, but you need to get comfortable with selling. The way you get comfortable is by believing in yourself, your product and your company.”

That hit me like a ton of bricks.  He was 100% right – I didn’t believe in my ability to sell or my product.  I decided to talk to some business owners who had a great experience.  It was a huge eye opener to see how much getting a tree removed or getting an ugly stump grinding away had an effect on these business owners.

I gained belief in my product; I already had belief in my company so all that was left was believing in myself.  In order to be success in my first business I needed to learn the exact science of selling.

The Sales Process

I quickly found out that Tony was on to something when he had that sit down with me.  He was totally right that I needed to have full belief in myself, my product and my company.  However he greatly mistaken, because it took much more than that.  In fact the sales process is very heavily detailed.

1st Step – Education

I think I could talk about education in depth for a full blog post, but I’ll keep this short for now.  You must be an expert, and the person who you’re talking to much believe that your an expert.  I had someone comment me today while I was selling them on a new product “I love hearing the in & outs of what you do, I want to make sure you’re an expert.”

2nd Step – Listen & Answer Questions

In a belly to belly sale in which you’re right next to the person, and able to interact then its great to leave some questions unanswered during your education process. You also want to ask good questions to your prospect.  Uncover the reason behind what their asking for.  To give you an example I had one of my clients Betty breakdown in the sales process because her husband who passed away recently always wanted to keep the landscape immaculate.

3rd Step – Framing the Offer

This step is what take the ordinary sales guy, and either turns him into a master or leaves him to fight for the scraps.  Framing the offer is when someone asks for your price, and instead of saying it right there you “frame” it for them.

To give you an example check out the following scenario.  Mike asks “Tony, how much is it going to cost to get that Tree removed?”  Tony replies “I’ll give you a great price, but what you get with my price point is really what sets me apart from your competitors.  I’ll remove the tree, provide insurance on your property while doing so, remove the stump, and leave your lawn better than when I got here.”

4th Step – Bonus/Scarcity

You’ve got to use some kind of pressure tactic.  Everyone says, including me that I hated high pressure sales.  The reason I hated high pressure selling is because I didn’t believe in my product.  After hearing Betty’s story I am now a firm believer in what we do is powerful, and that no one else can compete with our quality.

The biggest objection you’ll ever get is money.  I pitch my offer with a higher price point than I need because of two reasons.

  1. You can’t get what you don’t ask for
  2. I can lower it using a bonus

One great example of how I my cousin Joey uses this method is in his personal training business.  He sets the pricing at $60 a session, and after the complimentary workout he hits them with his pitch.  During his pitch he offers them a 30% off deal if they “Commit to be Fit” right then and there.  Works like a charm!

The Close

The close is when you get the money, but this part of the sales deal has its own blog post that can be found here.  As Grant Cardone says “the close is like a tiger, and the sale is like an elephant – two totally different animals.”

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