Get your Mind Right!

Get your Mind Right

There is one often overlooked part of success is getting your mind right.  Once you have you have Massive action, your Why, and some serious Sales training down pat; you need to start getting your mind right to perform well.  Massive action is never easy in the beginning, but being able to slice through your tasks quickly is very beneficial.

How do I take care of my mind?

Treat your mind right by reading your body right.  Exercise is key to being more productive.  One thing about exercise though is that it shouldn’t be something that requires your attention.  You shouldn’t need to focus on what exercises to do, or some fancy programming.  Having to constantly come up with new programming is not only time consuming but a serious pain in the ass.

Get a Personal Trainer

I’m sure you’re like…  You must be joking right?  I’m not joking one bit.  I’m dead serious about you getting a personal trainer.  There are a couple key reasons why you should get a trainer aside from the normal health & fitness advantages.

  • They know people (think 6 degrees of separation)
  • You can hash out ideas with them (its great to talk about you, yourself and your business)
  • You don’t need to worry about doing the right things
  • They can come to your house!

I spent a good portion of my time in Brooklyn, NY getting in front of people.  The more people you get in front of, and hit them with your vision – the more people that can say yes.  While hammering through the massive actions of basically cold calling people or called walking as I call it.  I would literally walk into businesses everyday, and badger the receptionist to get in front of the decision maker.

This process was tiring, and by the end of the day I would be totally shot. I needed an edge, and it wasn’t my 4th coffee of the day.  I decided to hire a personal trainer.  His name is Joe Lefkowitz, and the guy was awesome.  Not only did I lose like 15 pounds while getting my energy through the roof, but this guy knew people.  If you’re not motivated after seeing his video than there is something wrong with you.

I soon realized that the only way a business owner could afford to pay a trainer $125 an hour was if they made serious bread.  That’s the kind of guy I want to know.  Over the next two months I got to know his clients really well.  That led to some serious deals that far outweighed the few thousand dollars I spent on getting my ass back in shape!

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