The Wife

The Wife

Following the readings of Grant Cardone who always said “you and your wife need to be on the same page” I decided to sit down and #realtalk with my wife.  I told her that I’m going to work a straight 40 at work while I educate myself, and build a business of my own on the side.  I let her know that we would need to cut back on expenses because I needed extra income invest in myself & my business.

She flipped out!  “After everything I did for you!” she said.  I knew it was about to get really ugly, brutal and end horribly wrong.  My eyes were on the prize, and I didn’t want to waste time fighting convincing her.  I told her my plan one more time then simply said “take it or leave it.”


My Ex-Wife

She was out of the house that night, and headed over to her “boyfriends” house.  The guy that I almost tore to shreds when I found him over the house one night.  If you missed that story then read up on it here.

I thought that’d be an easy switch, but sure enough it took 10X the action needed to deal with that mess.  She wanted this, or she wanted that for her house.  I literally let her have whatever she wanted minus my Acura & the home.

pumpkinShe took basically everything except the upstairs TV, Computer and her mean cat.  I dropped pumpkin over at her house one day after getting my arms scratched to hell.  I basically wrung the doorbell about 20 times, tossed the cat onto the front porch, left the basket of nasty kitty litter in the front yard then hopped back in my ride and left.  I tell you – it was something out of Fast & Furious the way I jumped that fence with pumpkin in hand. Read more “The Wife”

The Economy


The Economy is going D.. D..  DOWN

That’s all my boss would ever talk about.  He’d continually warn us that if we don’t finish the jobs faster that we’d not be able to get another one.  Of course we wouldn’t get paid more for finishing jobs faster.

I still could afford my Acura, and was about to buy a truck.  I was working 55-70 hours each week, and taking other jobs on the side when I could to stay up.  My wife was getting on my nerves about money all the time.  She wanted this, and she wanted that.  She had a education, and a good job.

I was still making more money than her, but she felt like since she went to college that she was worth more.  Only worth more with her was the fact that she was still paying back the student loans from her 4 years of college.  Each one of those years, two of which were spent drinking more than the average frat boy costed her 30,000 each.

It was unbelievable how much money colleges costed.  That fancy piece of paper doesn’t come with a job or a work ethic.


My Boss’s New Car

I can still remember the morning that my boss pulled into work 2 hours late with a brand new Lamborghini.  Not just any Lamborghini, but the Murcielago.  I clearly remember doing a double take whenlamborghini that greedy bastard pulled into the job site in that mint blue sports car.

I wanted to drive my brand new truck into that car.  By brand new – I mean used.  He pulled up slow, rolled down the window and said “Pick up the pace!”

That was about the biggest slap in the face I’ve ever had.  What about this economic crisis we were in?  I mean what the hell!

I went right up to him after lunch.  I should have said it better in hindsight, but I’m almost glad I didn’t.  I said “What the hell happened the economy, our bonuses, our salaries!” Read more “The Economy”

The Early Days

The Early Days..

In the early days I made some bad decisions.

Before I knew it I was a “natural” entrepreneur selling drugs in the bathroom of the high school.  I’m not talking about weed, because weed was just small game.  I’m talking about coke, cocaine, rocks, the great white buffalo

Whatever you want to call it – it was making me serious money.  Money I could use to help my mom out with the groceries.  Money I could use to get that pair of Jordans that I’ve always wanted.

Jordans Basketball Shoe
My dream shoes

Man those shoes were nice.  I loved watching Michael Jordan on TV while growing up.  Yes we had a TV growing up.  That’s all I wanted.  One pair of Jordans would be the world to me.  In Peru the only way you would get jordans was to order them from the united states.

Ordering from the united states is serious money, and not the kind of money that a 12 year old kid has.  Mom knew I’d just grow out of them anyway.  That didn’t change the fact that I needed them.

Sure enough I got my first pair of jordans from my extracurricular actives in the bathroom.  I wasn’t proud of it, but my English wasn’t that good.  No one wanted to hire some kid who looked like a grown man that didn’t speak a world of English.

I was a big boy, sitting at 6′ 2″ with 220 pounds of solid muscle.  I had always been a big boy since I was young.  My mother told me that my father was a Spaniard, and that we’re not even Peruvian.  In Peru people are very small.  The gringos say Peruvians look like Mexicans.  People in Lima were mostly Spanish, but as you got farther from the capital of Peru you saw more “Peruvians”.

Surely enough, looking relatively white, but not speaking a word of english didn’t get me very far with getting a summer job.  I knew my mom needed extra money, so I decided to take the easiest route.

I wasn’t proud of selling coke, but it proved to be a blessing.  At the age of 17 I got arrested for the first time.  I felt like my life was over.  I was the stereotypical minority drug dealer, and treated as such.  Looking back on that experience; it was the whooping that I needed to get my life right.



The Wake-Up Call

I really needed that wake up call.  I didn’t get into college.  I spent my first year after high school working at a bowling alley.  The lanes were the only ones who’d hire me.  No one wanted to hire something with a record. Read more “The Early Days”