Working Like You’re Broke

Work Like Your Broke

Working like your broke isn’t supposed to be fun.  Give yourself a celebration every time you rich dad poor dadmake a sale or strike a new deal.  Focus just on a small celebration without spending all of your new income on “doodads”.  The idea of wasting money on “doodads” was made popular by Richard Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.  That’s another whole blog itself!

Your mindset should be:

  1. Quick Celebration
  2. On to the next one
  3. Relocate that surplus income

Reading this blog alone will allow you access to a higher income stream.  You’ll begin to change your mindset after hearing my story.  Just arrived on this page?  Start from the beginning by clicking here.  You can’t start a 3rd story on a office building without building the other two.

Surplus Income = Investment Income

Making more money often equals out to making more bad decisions.

  • Buying new cars
  • Getting a new house
  • Getting a new TV

None of these are going to make you more money!  Even if the new car happens to be a Prius which will save you money it still won’t make you money.  You can either think about saving money or making money – which do you want to focus on?

Making money should be your focus.  Keep working like your broke while pooling your money into secret investment accounts.  If possible have that money come directly out of your paycheck, or arrange an immediate transfer from your checking account.

Be ready for an Opportunity

In this economy you must be ready for a great opportunity when it comes your way.  You must have the funds to buy investment property or loan a good friend 50K when they want to start their own business.  Provided that you believe in your friend’s ability to run that business, and make it profitable.

Without cash on hand you won’t have the ability to seize these opportunities when they arise.  As you work to secure a loan there will always be someone with cash on hand who will beat you to it.

Delay Gratification

Delaying gratification is the hardest thing about #Winning because the norm is to reward yourself for a job well done.  Our whole society is built around rewarding for a great job.  The way to being super rich is to delay that instant gratification.  Still celebrate your wins without breaking the bank.

In 5-10 years you’ll thank me for giving you this awesome information.  Imagine yourself 7 years later with the residual tax free income coming from your assets, and paying for your fancy cars.  I’m not talking about some cheap BMW that costs 60K, but instead about real cars.  Lambos, Aston Martins, Ferarris…  Those are real cars.

The choice is yours:

  • Celebrate hard now?
  • Celebrate even HARDER later?

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