What did I do Today?

The What I Did Checklist

Keeping yourself in check is very important when starting a business.  When starting my first business it was difficult.  Distractions are everywhere from Facebook to nights out at the bar.  These distractions are consuming a lot of time.  You need to keep yourself in check.

The What I Did Checklist is one of the best ways to keep yourself in check.  Other ways to hold yourself accountable is getting your wife on board, friends, or having an accountability partner.  We can get into those other ways in later posts.

Creating your Checklist

As I talked about in older blog posts, it is very important to write your goals and have a battle plan to attack each day.  I’m going to take back what I said about writing your goals down every morning and night.  Instead of writing them down every night, start your “What I did” checklist.  Keep writing your goals down in the morning though – it is very important.

End every night with writing down exactly what you did that day.  Be hard on yourself, and give yourself a written grade.  Keep honest with yourself, and soon you’ll learn that maybe your not doing enough.

Example Checklist

October 2nd, 2016

What Did I Do Today?

Contact 5 prospects for my Business

Put up 2 blog posts

Collected $5000 in money owed


Rating = 7/10


Start your Checklist Tonight

Seriously, it’ll be embarrassing for the first few days until you realize how much you need to step up your game.  Stick with it.


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